How to install Pokémon Go on PC

Pokemon has always been huge brand in itself. Be it the animated episodes or Pokemon on PC games, it has always managed to capture attention of young and old alike. With the introduction of pokemon go, the popularity of pokemon has skyrocketed. With people all around the globe going crazy over this new game, there has been hardly any record left which is yet to be broken by this game. For every game addict it has become necessary to get access to this one of a kind game which blends virtual and real world perfectly.

The game developed by Nintendo is supported on Android smartphones and iPhones. Official launch of PC version is yet to be announced by the makers. However, recently several techniques have been developed which can enable a person to play this game even from a PC. But, it is required for people to follow appropriate steps in order to get access to this game through a PC. By following few guidelines, any individual can meet the requirements to support this game on laptops or desktops. Thus, it will be easier for them to explore the pokemon world with available devices.

install Pokemon on PC

Required tools for installation

One of the basic requirements for installation of this game is to download appropriate tool. Most essentials tools which will be required for installation of pokemon go on PC are an android emulator like Bluestacks or just download YouWave, a root tool, a lucky patcher, a fake GPS and Pokemon go. Once you download one of the most popular Android emulators, you will be able to get access to Google store by signing from your Google+ account.

You will have to root your emulator in next step. Next you are required to rebuild and install fake GPS. One should avoid direct installation of GPS and should rather rebuild and install it as a system app. The last step one has to follow is to click on install option after downloading Pokemon GO APK (you can find it here). After the procedure is completed, one has to click on launch and get started with the game. Although, the process may appear to be complicated, it can be a great source for any user who may otherwise not get access to this game. One aspect any individual has to be careful about is to get proper GPS settings. Since, GPS is required to be downloaded through system app; it may not be available on menu. By searching for it inside the downloaded system app folder, one can activate and set location according to suitability. If you want to download it on you Mac, you can read our tutorial here.

install Pokemon PC

Catch pokemons at comfort of home

Though the process is long but the results are something worth all this effort. Not only will one be able to play this game from his/her PC very conveniently but can also experience better graphics. While it is not possible for every individual to take out time and roam around in several areas in order to catch pokemons, PC options can be a welcome option for people. Thus, without having to tiring oneself out or getting prone to accidents one can enjoy catching pokemons within the boundaries of home.

There have been several reports of dangerous circumstances in which people have landed while they were being glued to their cell phones. Be it robbery or accidents, incidents as such are becoming matters of serious concern. Therefore, in order to avoid situations as such, it is better to stay at home. With the help of fake GPS, it will be easier for the player to navigate several locations without having to move from one’s area. Thus, the player will be able to hunt various scattered pokemons and make a huge collection. Any aspiring pokemon trainer can, hence, can relax at home and get their purpose of catching pokemons served easily.

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